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certified Web Designer & Web Developer
photographer & virtual tour designer

Photo of Ulrich Klug Hello, my name is Ulrich Klug, I‘m German and I was formally educated at the German Institutes of Technologies, specializing in industrial chemistry, and applied physics. I remained immersed in these profession fields for over a decade until I embarked on a second career in IT where I excelled in systems engineering and programming.

My global professional IT career now extends over 2 decades and I continue to expand my core competencies in Internet Applications, Systems and Networks. I have mastered the complex art and science‘ of web design and proficiently perform the most advanced web development processes. I‘m an acknowledged industry expert in the utilization of the most sophisticated applications for the Adobe Creative Suites of software.

I‘m also a gifted visual designer and consequently often contribute as an expert photographer with my specialized skills in Panorama (360° x 180°), landscape photography as well as creating world-class High Dynamic Range Images.

I'm shooting panoramas all over the world since 2008, you can see my work on my website at my virtual tour section.

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Virtual Tours Overview

At the moment there are 200 panoramas in 17 virtual tours online.