Help for viewing the virtual tours

The newest version of all major browsers support HTML5 panoramas as they support either CSS3 3D Transforms or WebGL. You need to activate JavaScript on your web browser. I recommend you to always use the newest update of your preferred web browser. In the Help drop-down menu, you can find information and an update menu of your web browser.

Learn how to enable JavaScript in the most popular web browsers.

How to use the Navigation Elements

Panorama-Screenshotclick the image to enlarge

If you click the flag you'll open a new panorama. If you're in a room click on the door or window, to see the next panorama.

The Map in this case Google Maps

Panorama-Screenshot-with-Mapclick the image to enlarge

Each virtual tour has a Google Maps where you can navigate

If you still have issues do not hesitate to Contact Me.